About Aquasoft Water Softeners

Our Water Softener keeps working, year after year. The only thing you'll ever need to do is add salt. We have been sourcing our water softener salt from our trusted suppliers for over forty years.

Salt is sourced from across Europe and shipped directly to our manufacturing facility in the UK - where it is checked for quality before being sent out to our loyal customer base. Our water softener salt is food grade, meaning that there are no anti-caking agents or other additives in it.

How a water softener works

A water softener works by removing the magnesium and calcium present in your water supply through a process of ion exchange, turning it from hard water to softened water. Unlike hard water, softened water does not damage your home’s piping, or cause a build up of scale in your appliances; reducing their effectiveness and lifespan.

By softening your water, you can protect your home from harmful build up while also eliminating limescale (which is only present with hard water) and improve your family’s skin and hair, too.