About Aquasoft Water Softeners

Welcome to Aquasoft Water Softeners.

Your one stop shop for water softeners and water filters in Kent. 

We are proud to be Kent's only fully independant water softener experts in Kent, being an authorised retailer for all four major manufacturers - Harvey, Kinetico, Ecowater and Hague. 

We offer you a comprehensive, personal service from start to finish. 

  • Imparital, expert advice in choosing the best water softening and filtration solutions.
  • Professional installations by our highly skilled engineers, using only the highest quality components.
  • Comprehensive guarantees and parts warranties.
  • 1st class aftercare service for all servicing, maintenance and repairs
  • Kent's largest salt delivery network, delivered to your door (or garage or shed!) 
  • Ongoing aftercare and support always a phone call away. 


Water Softeners 

Are you fed up with hard water and limescale?

Unlike our neighbours in Cornwall, Wales and Scotland who enjoy naturally soft water from lakes and mountains, Kent, London and the South East suffer from some of the hardest water in the country. This is because we draw our water from huge underground aquifers which have high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium. 

So it's no wonder you might be looking around your home and thinking that there has to be be a way to improve your water quality!

How does a water softener work?

A water softener works by removing the magnesium and calcium present in your water supply through a process of ion exchange, turning it from hard water to softened water. Unlike hard water, softened water does not damage your home’s piping, or cause a build up of scale in your appliances; reducing their effectiveness and lifespan.

By softening your water, you can protect your home by eliminating limescale (which is only present with hard water) in your kitchen, bathroom and hot water system. You will love the improvement in your family’s skin and hair, too!

Choosing the perfect system for you can be a minefield!

Have you spent endless hours trawling online blogs, adverts and websites?  Had your time wasted by 'independant experts' (one trick ponies!) only interesting in trying to sell you one type of system?

Look no further! Aquasoft are Kent's only fully authorised retailer offering ALL FOUR major manufacturers. Often all it takes is a quick 5 or 10 minute chat to help you go beyond the sales jargon, show you the pros and cons of each system and help you choose the right system to suit your needs. We are happy to take the time to share our expert, impartial knowledge.

Drinking Water Filters

Do you still trust your water utility company?

Once the envy of the world, the UK now has some of the oldest water infrastructure on the planet, suffering from years of neglect. Our aging and deteriorating water treatment infrastructure is rapidly becoming outdated.

The South East of England is now experiencing regular water shortages. Last year, June 2023, whole areas of Kent completely ran out of water for several days with water companies setting up emergancy bottled water stations. Raw sewage discharged into the sea from sewer overflows shut down Kent's beautiful beaches

The system is broken. Privitised utility companies prioristise shareholders' profits and directors' bonusues over fixing leaks and proper investment in water quality. 

Demand for filtered drinking water is now higher than ever as we become more aware of the importance of good quality, safe drinking water. 

Concerns over the environmental impact of single use plastic and growing awareness of the risk to our health of microplastics means bottled water is no longer a viable solution

It's time for you to take back control of your drinking water. 

Choose from our range of quality drinking water filtration solutions. They are easy to install into your home and provide crystal clear, safe, pure drinking water.

From a simple carbon block filters to advanced reverse osmosis, you are only a step away from great tasting, healthy water for you and your family. 

If you dont have a filter, you are the filter.


Water Softener Salt

At Aquasoft, we ONLY stock salt brands which have a reputation for delivering consistent, high purity water softener salt. We buy in bulk and import direct from shipping ports rather than UK warehouses, constantly monitoring prices in order to offer you the very best value for money. 

Salt is sourced from across Europe and shipped directly to our delivery facility in the Kent where it is checked for quality before being sent out to our loyal customer base. Our water softener salt is food grade, meaning that there are no anti-caking agents or other additives in it. 


Water Softener Repairs and Servicing

We know more than anyone that once you become used to having lovely softened water in your home, the return of hard water is an absolute nightmare!

Luckliy, we offer a comprehensive service, maintenance and repair service for residential, commercial and industrial customers. 

We have an excellent knowedge of (almost!) every type of softener out there and carry a large range of spares on our vans. We undergo regular manufacturer training on all of different shapes and sizes of softener valves.

Whether you require some routine maintenance to help prolong the life of your softener or think your softener is in need of some more urgent TLC, we are ready, willing and able to help! 

My service engineers come armed with a toolbox, not a sales brochure!

Our first priority will always be to repair or even fully refurbish a system and will be happy to advise the costs should the need arise. 

In the event that your softener may be 'past it's sell-by date' or may just be uneconomical to repair or refurbish, we can help advise you on a suitable upgrade to a more modern, efficient system. We keep a stock of the most popular water softeners on our vans, so we can save you time and money on further call outs and get you straight back to enjoying your softened water!