Have you been told you cannot have a water softener installed in your house?

We are always surprised by the amount of people who think they cannot have a water softener. Just the other day we attend a property in Sevenoaks where a lady had been told it was not possible for her to have soft water in her home.  In actual fact she can have a water softener and we will be installing a new machine for her next week. Our engineer Peter had been fitting kitchens for over 25 years before starting his own water softening business so if anyone knows what is possible when it comes to installations it is him. This conversation made us think of some of the trickier installs Peter has done over the years and reminded me of this picture from 7 years ago. Peter managed to get underneath the floor boards in what you can see is a very tight space. The customer was so happy with Peter’s hard work and has been a valued customer ever since. If you are thinking of having a water softener installed please know this is not usually necessary but if you choose to buy through us we will always go the extra mile for our customers!

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