Has Your Water Softener Seen Better Days?

Why not invest in a new machine?

A quality water softener can last anything between 15-25 years, we even have some customers who have had their water softener for 30+ years! But all good things must come to an end so when your water softener is no longer working or has become inefficient let us know as we always have great deals on upgrading your water softener!

If you have had your water softener for 15+ years you will be amazed at the advances that have been made.  This picture is of an old Permuitt ‘Spacesaver’ ironic now we know but at the time this was the smallest water softener available and actually an awful lot smaller than others on the market.  Nowadays water softeners are small enough to fit under most kitchen sinks.  The MiniMax water softener pictured next to the Spacesaver is just under 500mm high. Now not only are they smaller but they are also more efficient and reliable, our EcoWater softeners use smart technology allowing the machines to automatically adjust themselves to your household making sure they are using exactly the right amount of salt and water to eliminate wastage.

Other advances include as the revolutionary block salt making refilling your water softener a breeze with their easy to manage packets, smart technology gives us salt refilling reminders, leak alerts and the twin cylinder softeners allow continuous soft water 24/7. To find out what we can do for you please give us a call – 01622 726400.

  • 10 years manufacture’s guarantee on Harvey or EcoWater softeners
  • Smart Technology Water Softener
  • Easy to manage light weight block salt
  • Non-Electric, Mains powered and Battery powered Water Softeners
  • The most efficient and reliable machines on the market
  • Twin cylinder technology provides soft water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Flow rates of over 55 litres per minute*

Happy with your softener? Recommend a friend and receive 1 year’s free salt** when they buy a water softener from us!

*Information correct at printing, July 2014
**1 Years free salt is based on one couples average consumption – 12 packets of block salt or 4 bags of 25kg tablet.



Not only can we provide the best salt for your water softeners, whether that be block salt or granulated salt. We can also provide salt for fish ponds, rock salt, swimming pool salt and much more.

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