st1-491A very warm welcome to Aquasof Softeners and Salt.

This video is by the manufacturers of our block salt softener. It demonstrates exactly what we will tell you when we pop round to see you. We physically show you the difference of soft and hard water in front of you… you can see and feel the difference for yourself!

We also go through the savings. A softener is a fantastic investment for so many reasons, as an industry we find it hard to get these across to you with typical advertising – there are dozens of benefits. From softer skin, a cleaner home through to saving money.

We also look at your home to see the best place to fit one should you wish to purchase a water softener. This can be in your kitchen if you have the space’ and means that its an easy and convenient place to pop in the salt when needed.

We have hundreds of extremely happy customers who wouldn’t be without their water softeners but until you see this difference for yourself you wont believe the benefits.

If you would like us to pop in and see you please rest assured we dont have ‘salesmen’ but only send our passionate engineers and office team to see you.  They know the products inside out, understand the amazing benefits and above all are committed to very high levels of customer service. Call the office today to book. 01622 726400 or visit our ‘Contact Us‘ page for more options

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