We all value access to safe, clear water but it is a sad fact that much of our water supply in the UK is, whilst safe to drink, contaminated with minerals and sediment that can affect the enjoyment of our drinking water. The good news however is that through professional advice and the fitting of effective water filtration systems, UK wide water contaminant problems can be solved and we can all enjoy the pleasures of fresh, clear and great tasting tap water. When it comes to choosing the best water filter for the home, there are several types of water filter available including the reverse osmosis water filter, the ceramic water filter and the carbon water filter. Each of these deals with contaminant issues in its own way.

Best Water Filter Options


Tap Mounted Water Filters

For some people the idea of a filter attached directly to a tap might be a bit off putting and it is true that these are not the most attractive of devices or likely to be seen as the best water filter, but they can be a cost effective, temporary solution to water issues.

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How Tap Mounted Water Filters Work

Tap filters are easily attached to your tap by screws. They filter water through small charcoal filters as it comes out of the tap.

The Benefits of Tap Mounted Water Filters

  • Amongst the cheapest of water filtering solutions
  • A good solution for temporary situations
  • Easy and cheap to install

The Drawbacks of Tap Mounted Water Filters

  • Do not prevent the spread of microorganisms
  • Need regular and frequent replacement as filters wear out
  • Can be unsightly and bulky once attached to your tap


Ceramic Water Filters

We usually associate ceramics with teapots or other articles made from clay, but ceramic is also a natural water filter and can be useful in water filtration systems.

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How Ceramic Water Filters Work

Ceramic filters have small pores, which allow water molecules but not certain contaminants, such as bacteria and protozoa molecules, to pass through. These filters use either gravity or pressure to move water through the system.

The Benefits of Ceramic Water Filters

  • One of the most natural ways to obtain pure water
  • Reusable after cleaning
  • An affordable water filtration solution

The Drawbacks of Ceramic Water Filters

  • Cannot filter out some chemicals such as chlorine
  • Are easily broken and prone to cracking
  • May require specialist cleaning tools
  • Regular cleaning can become a nuisance
  • Have a smaller filtering capacity than similar-sized, carbon filters


UV Water Treatment Systems

These are not, strictly speaking, water filters but the use of UV (ultraviolet) rays for water treatment is a popular concept and may be the best option in certain instances.

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How UV Water Treatment Systems Work

UV water treatment does not use conventional filter systems because it doesn’t remove anything from the water. Instead water is passed through a chamber that has UV light radiating across it. Given enough time, the destructive effect of UV light on DNA will disable bacteria and viruses within the water and eliminate the risk of human contamination.

The Benefits of UV Water Treatment Systems

  • Deal with bacteria and other microbes
  • Can help prevent gastrointestinal illnesses

The Drawbacks of UV Water Treatment Systems

  • Cannot remove magnesium or calcium from the water
  • Do not have an impact on water hardness
  • Are dependent on a steady flow rate
  • Do not remove sediment or carbon


Carbon Water Filters

Carbon is another natural substance that has been recognised for hundreds of years as being useful for water filtration. Activated carbon is carbon that has been specially processed to have smaller pores and a greater surface area than natural carbon.

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How Carbon Water Filters Work

As water passes through activated carbon, a catalytic reaction called adsorption ensures that contaminants are held on the surface of the carbon allowing purer water to filter on through the system.

The Benefits of Carbon Water Filters

  • Can remove a wide range of contaminants
  • Can be used in conjunction with other water filters
  • Can be customised to deal with substances in your particular system
  • Are low maintenance
  • Do not remove healthy nutrients whilst removing contaminants

The Drawbacks of Carbon Water Filters

  • Require regular use or flushing to remain effective against bacteria (this is helped in some carbon water filters by the addition of silver to the system).
  • May not effectively remove chemicals that do not have an attraction to carbon


Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

You might remember the term ‘osmosis’ from your secondary school science lessons; it refers to a process whereby molecules generally pass (through a semipermeable membrane) from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated one. Reverse osmosis water filters are amongst the most efficient at supplying pure water.

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How Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Work

In a reverse osmosis water filter the osmosis process works backwards. Contaminated water is pushed at pressure through a semipermeable membrane inside the filter, which filters out any unwanted contaminants or solid molecules because they are larger than water molecules.

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

  • Result in very clean and pure drinking water
  • Give considerable health reassurances
  • Remove even the most lingering of unpleasant odours
  • Provide considerable improvements in the taste of drinking water
  • Work extremely well in conjunction with water softeners

The Drawbacks of Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

  • Generates waste water and therefore have cost implications
  • May result in a slower flow
  • May be over efficient at removing ‘useful’ contaminants

Generally speaking, the best water filter options are carbon water filters and reverse osmosis water filters, but each property or business has unique requirements and budgets. Through the fitting of effective water filtration systems, UK wide water contaminant problems can be solved At Aquasof we believe that water filter systems are the best solution for solving your contaminated water issues. For a friendly discussion about the best water filter systems on the market, call us on 01622 726400 or email us at info@absolutesoftwater.co.uk

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