We recently received this email from Mrs Holman of Maidstone. She was enquiring about a water softener after discovering the shocking amount of limescale in her hot water tank.

“Our tank had a small leak around the seal at the top, therefore we had to have a new one. When the guy removed it he commented how heavy it was,  saying it was full of limescale.  We have lived there for 32 years,  this is the second one we had in that timescale,  really not sure how long ago it was when we had the other one.  Our radiators would take approximately 25 minutes before there was any sign of heat. Now there is heat within 5 minutes ! A remarkable difference.  I have included pictures so you can see the evidence left behind – I was staggered.”

Hard water can cut the life of your hot water tank by a massive ten years. Its incredible that so many people are heating all this limescale every single day and not even aware of it. Softened water breaks down existing limescale in pipes and tanks within two years, making the switch to softened water extremely worthwhile.

There are so many benefits to having soft water. For more information please benefits page.


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