Water Softeners

You can have soft water for as little as £36 a month!

Would you like the benefits of soft water but do not want to buy a water softener?  Well now you can have soft water with just one easy to manage monthly payment.  For just £36* a month you will have gorgeous soft water, a ceramic drinking water filter and salt all included!

  • No long contracts; after three months cancel at any time with just one month’s notice
  • Salt for up to two people included
  • All parts and labour covered
  • Includes replacement of a ceramic drinking water filter every year
  • Installation costs to be paid on completion
  • Offer applicable to refurbished block salt softeners only

To find out more please give us a call – 01622 726400.

*including VAT @ 20%. Information and pricing correct 19th October 2016.  Salt usage is based on 1 block per person per month. Maximum of 15 packets per year per household unless otherwise agreed.