Drinking Water

As we are an independent company we can offer you the best selection of the products on the market. We have thoroughly researched the best softeners and filtration systems to offer a range that is sure not only to provide you with the right machine for the job but that provides a solution to suit all budgets.

For the best non-bias information please make an appointment for a quotation and we will be happy to provide you with all the information and prices on our ranges to enable you to make an informed decision. Please be advised we do not provide prices online or via telephone as we would be unable to offer you the best price and deal to suit you. Your appointment will be made with an engineer who after looking at the system you have in place will be able to provide you with an exact cost for the model and installation as well as offering you the best overall deal. We do not employ sales people and will never pressure you into making a decision.

Click through these links to see the range of products we offer:

Under the sink filters – Chlorine or Ceramic

Reverse Osmosis Systems