Benefits of Soft Water

Love Saving Money

Hard water causes damage all over your home that costs you money. Having a water softener installed will reverse this process in a short space of time and start saving you money.

  • Reducing your energy bills – your heating and hot water systems will be more efficient using less energy, you can also use a cool wash on your washing machine without sacrificing high cleaning standards
  • Making your appliances last longer. Boilers, washing machines, kettles, hot water tanks and other items not only become more efficient but last up to 3 times longer
  • Reducing the amount of cleaning and bathing products you use. Most products such as detergent and soap will be reduced by 50% and de-scalers and dishwasher salt are not needed at all

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Love Your Time

For everyone who doesn’t enjoy cleaning, (pretty much everyone we know) a water softener is a must – no more scrubbing hard to remove limescale from taps and shower screens, leaving you more time to spend all the money you have saved on your heating bill!

Love Your Home

No more smeary shower screens or dull looking taps, kitchens and bathrooms sparkle with very little effort. Your heating and hot water will heat up quicker and even laundry will be more rewarding with beautifully soft clothes and towels without limescale deposits hardening them.

Love Your Skin

Not only does limescale stick to our shower screens and taps it also clings to clothes, skin and hair leaving them feeling dull and clogged. A water softener eliminates the minerals in the water so they will no longer clog your pores or give you lacklustre hair. While the link between eczema and hard water is still not fully understood, a study in Nottingham found that children living in a hard water area are 50% more likely to suffer with eczema when compared to those living in naturally soft water areas. Please click here for the full report – . This may be due to the minerals in hard water irritating the skin, but it is also thought that the reduction of cleaning and laundry products plays a part as these can also dry and irritate the skin. If you are interested in eczema and its relationship with soft water, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Love Your Environment

In todays climate, any positive impact on the environment is thought to be a step in the right direction. Using a water softener does have a minimal effect on the environment, however this is greatly outweighed by the reduction in the use of household products and chemicals, which in turn may reduce our carbon footprint. The life expectancy of our household appliances are significantly improved with the eradication of limescale. This also means we use less energy to heat our homes and boil our kettles,
You can see from these photos the extraordinary damage limescale wreaks inside your water tanks and pipes! These were taken from a customer’s home in Maidstone. They have lived in the house for 32 years and this was the second tank they had – now they know why! Limescale builds up anywhere in your home where water is heated, so not only in places you can see, such as the kettle and the shower, but also in places you cannot see including your boiler, radiators and hot water tank.

This means that when you put your heating on, the heat has to work through the limescale before it can even start to heat your home. The average household in a hard water area will acquire 1mm of limescale every year. That may not seem like a lot, but when you consider just 5mm of scale will double the amount of fuel needed to heat your home, it suddenly becomes a significantly large amount.

However, if you have been using hard water for many years, having a water softener installed could potentially rid your house of limescale within 6 months. And it’s not just appliances and heating systems that last longer with soft water, your cleaning and beauty products will go twice as far, needing only a small amount of soap or cleaner to give even better results.




Not only can we provide the best salt for your water softeners, whether that be block salt or granulated salt. We can also provide salt for fish ponds, rock salt, swimming pool salt and much more.

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